Arie de Keyzer

Uilleann Pipes & Traditional Irish Flutes

Uilleann Pipes Price List

Practise set, key of D : €1800

Half set , D : €3400

Full set of pipes, D : €5900

Practise set, key of C,B,B flat : €1860

Half set, C, B, B flat : €3570

Full set, C, B, B flat : €6300

Parts for Uilleann pipes

Bags : €140

Bellows : €240

Chanter and regulator reeds (each) : €50

Drone reeds (each) : €25

-Pipes can be made in ebony, African blackwood, rosewood, boxwood or plum.

-Metalwood can be nickel silver or brass.

-Mounts can be imitation ivory or boxwood by choice.

-All sets come with C and F natural keys standard, extra are €220 each.

Flemish Pipes

Plum, blackthorn, pearwood pipes, key of G, mouth blown and two drones : €1800

African blackwood or boxwood : €2100

above pipes have octave key as standard

Plum, pearwood, rosewood pipes, key of D, C : €2200

Pipes in the key of F : €1850

Fully keyed chanter for Flemish pipes, key of G : €1800
– this is my own development and has a range of low E – high G in third octave.
Keys are: low E, F sharp, G sharp, C sharp, F natural and a octave key.

Flute Price List

Keyless flute in African blackwood, key of D : €800

Keyless flute in boxwood, key of D : €860

Price per key : €210

3 keyed flute in blackwood, F natural, G sharp, C natural : €1430

6 keyed flute, E flat, short F natural, long F natural, G sharp, B flat, C natural : €2080

8 keyed flute : €2580

Keyless flute in key of C : €900

Keyless flute in B flat : €950

All flutes come with silver rings and tuning slide

Arie de Keyzer
Uilleann Pipes & Traditional Irish Flutes

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